Steve Edward Farley


I have taken my first attempt at speech writing and I can say there is definitely an art to it. I find it to be enriching and even fulfilling. I am running for City Council, soon on this site you will see that part of the site will be converted to the campaign. I find that while writing mu announcement sppech, the tone has a natural rhythm, the words and ideas mesh in a odd cross, it is almost like a song without instruments, mixed with storytelling.

         Being a fictional writer I do need to remember the power of my words, so I want to make sure I am not firing people up unnecessarily, as a charismatic speaker I don’t want to invoke a movement that I don’t stand for. All my words matter, every single one, they matter in books but, in politics everything has three meanings. What you want your words to mean, what your opponent wants your words to mean to him, and how your words are received by the public and press.

        I find that strong language works with some people but not all, gender neutral terms get you further and most importantly practice, practice. My second draft has been read allowed so many times I can dream it. But I have made the choice to toss the speech it is good, very good, but even a good idea should be abandoned after the unveiling of reason. Research through the city minutes has me building and expanding on my ideas, there are still several things in my third draft that I will be cautious about, length is one, but also it needs to have some charm and entertainment to it, lastly I need to fire this speech off from memory, not breaking eye contract or waving my arms.

        I am getting a crash course in speechcraft, you see running for office I am going to run into obstacles and I might even trip, it is how I get up that matters, I cannot control fate but I can twist it enough to my ends. That power that resonates from the podium is absolute & more powerful than the ballot box, more serene than nature. Yet it is the most elusive skill to acquire as a statesman, many try and many fail, I don’t have anymore time, there is no next two years, the race is on and I must not abide by anything short of victory, for if I fail there will only be myself to blame, yes, those are terms I can live by.

      Speech writing taps into the depths of a soul, the crap the gets skimmed from the surface is just the beginning, that is why a speech will always need another draft…