Ann’s Tale: A Path to Redemption

Ann’s Tale: A Path to Redemption is the exciting adventure of a young woman whose freedom comes at a grave price. Originally released in 2020, this independently published novel has acquired a cult following. You can now enjoy the story read by the multi-award-winning Graham Mack.

Picture of Ann from Ann's tale.

Praise for Ann's Tale

John Alexiadis
A great book!
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Farley’s novel, Ann’s Tale was an invigorating, refreshing read. I highly recommend this book to any seeking an adventurous tale of war and freedom. His writing style is novel and unique. A pioneer of our generation.
Corey Higdon
Must Read
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Ann’s Tale is a great read, the book portrays amazing character development, while providing an intense roller coaster of events to keep the reader entertained the book has no dull moments and I would suggest this series to anyone who is looking for a thrill of intense enthusiasm to just flip the page and see what happens

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